Heritage Club


  • Learning Craft
  • Visit to Museum
  • Exhibition of Antiques
  • Excursion to heritage buildings
  • Traditional recipes collection from parents and grandparents. A Show-and-tell will be organized.


  • Craft competition on regional craft
  • Essay Writing Competition Topics
    • Culture and Tradition
    • A gift from the older generation
    • Respect for our Indian Heritage
    • Our literature
  • Heritage quiz
  • PowerPoint presentation on heritage
  • Small research projects for students that can be put up as mini exhibitions bulletin board display on heritage

Literary Club

Sr. No. proposed activities proposed competition
1 poetry writing elocution
2 Story writing poem recitation
3 group discussion debate
4 review or feedback about a documentary paper reading
5 Skit extempore
6 quiz  

Art Club

proposed competition

  • poster making
  • collage making
  • slogan writing
  • best out of waste
  • book marks making
  • mask making
  • rangoli
  • diya making

Eco Club

proposed competition

  • quiz competition
  • debate
  • bulletin board Decoration
  • modal making competition

proposed Activities

  • Plantation in a particular area. Children will bring a plant itself & plant trees.
  • Seminar : waste disposal ( Household waste, garbage, street garbage, plastic, plastic waste recycling , sewage).
  • Presentation on current scenario of ecological environment (ecological imbalance).
  • Visit to a sewage treatment plant.
  • Making pamphlets, charts slogans
  • Use of insecticides / pesticides that affects earth & other nature resources (how it can be controlled).